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Accelerate the sale of real estate without unnecessary discounts or contingencies. Forte Auctions is a resource for all motivated sellers. Individuals, builders, brokers, and lenders can greatly increase their property’s exposure in a short period of time through auction marketing.

Our Auction By Owner program is a low risk and transparent method for owners and agents to rapidly sell real estate at market value. As a seller, you maintain a high level of control throughout the process. You set the minimum reserve price for your property to be sold at auction, and may accept or reject any winning bid below that value. You also have the freedom to market and sell your property using alternative methods in the weeks leading up to the auction. Forte Auctions will only increase the probability that you sell within a specific amount of time.

We bring motivated buyers on auction day, ready to make a final commitment. Register as a seller today to learn how an auction can work for you. Prospective buyers are already searching our listings to determine which properties they will bid on during our next auction.

The Strengths of Forte

  • Low listing fee contributes to an aggressive marketing campaign which attracts more interest in your property leading up to the auction.
  • Agent Alliance allows Forte Auctions to work alongside your agent, with their approval, to market and auction your property. You pay no additional commission.

  • Short Sale Assistance help owners in pre-foreclosure stages to liquidate properties before lenders foreclose.

  • Non-exclusive seller agreement means you may continue trying to sell your properties through conventional methods before the auction, while taking advantage of the additional exposure you receive as we market Forte Auctions.

  • Diverse selection of residential and commercial properties attracts a wide range of qualified investors and retail buyers to bid on your properties.

  • Pre-Qualification for financing enables more qualified bidders to participate in our auction.

  • Continuous, aggressive marketing campaign with auctions held every 2-3 months.

  • Daily marketing exposure to thousands of local real estate agents attracts more motivated buyers to your property

  • Assistance from marketing to closing. 
Want more info about auctioning your property?

  • An Auction By Owner Brochure
  • All documents required to list your property
  • A no obligation consultation with a Forte Rep

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