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Welcome to Forte Auctions, home of the unique and innovative Auction By Owner program. Auction By Owner enables owners and agents to rapidly sell real estate at market prices. The highlight of this program is that once listed no additional costs or commissions are incurred by the seller or agent than if they were to sell the property through traditional methods.

Buyers utilize Forte as a single venue where they can bid on all property types. Whether you are searching for your next home, a first time homebuyer, or an investor seeking great deals, Forte has the property you are looking for.



Forte Auctions will help you sell real estate faster at market prices, with no contingencies or negotiations. Whether listed with an agent or you are selling on your own, a one-time $295 fee allows you to take advantage of auction marketing and competitive bidding. You set an undisclosed minimum sale price, and may accept or reject any winning bid that falls short of that price.
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Buyers can pre-register for upcoming auctions, save their favorite properties, and get pre-qualified for financing though our lending partners. We auction a diverse selection of residential and commercial real estate. Bid on foreclosures, unsold builder inventories, short sales, or owner occupied homes in both live and online auctions.
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Have a listing that you want to sell quickly? Auction with Forte and still receive your full commission! Have buyers interested in attending auctions? Register multiple buyers with Forte and earn commissions for any of their purchases. Forte’s Agent Alliance embraces the traditional realtor network. Let us show you how auctions can work for you.
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